The city

Located around 120 km from the capital city of our state, Pitangui is one of the Mother-towns in the Midwest of Minas Gerais, from which originated around 40 other cities, such as Divinópolis, Nova Serrana and Pará de Minas, to name a few.

Its history, still to be discovered, is extremely rich and deserves to be highlighted in the story of our country. Men and women – pathfinders, corageous, brave ones, with strong and restless personality, lived here. People who have excelled their time, leaving a legacy of fighting for the freedom of our people.

Pitangui is about to complete 300 years of political-administrative emancipation in 2015. It is now a certainty that preserving our historic heritage is a must in the opinion of all class levels of our population. A good example of it is when we transformed a ruined house into a monumental gesthouse.

The city has a collection of documents – half recovered and half being recovered – that has already been confirmed by important historiographers as being one of the most detailed in all Minas Gerais, more complete than the ones in the archive from the city of Sabará. Besides that, we are blessed for have beautiful mansions and a vast open air museum, where you will be able to find various styles of architecture that range from the colonial to the ecletic style.

You will find a list of interesting links on the history of the city that, soon, is going to be highlighted in the circle of historic cities in Minas Gerais.

Access and find out about this hidden treasure.

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